For more than 20 years, Darrell has been coaching and training the best talent in the world, shepherding them through their emotional and physical challenges, preparing them for their blockbuster roles on some of the highest-grossing movies of all time and for their more important roles as fathers, mothers, friends, citizens, and humans. Darrell has become such an integral component in the lives of some of the most famous names in Hollywood because he gets results. And he gets those results because he understands, through his own life’s journey, what it takes to achieve World-Class levels of success.


Now, in his new book BREATHE, he shares his unique story with readers, providing insight into who he is and what it is that makes him such a powerful agent for those seeking an Elevated Existence. Whether it’s A-list Hollywood actors, businessmen, politicians, CEOs or someone seeking to be a better spouse or parent, his message is always the same. As evidenced in BREATHE, only through the power of personal choice can one determine his or her own destiny and achieve great levels of success.



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