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Bleed for This:

Stunts: Fight / Stunt Coordinator

The inspirational story of World Champion Boxer Vinny Pazienza who, after a near fatal car crash, which left him not knowing if he’d ever walk again, made one of sport’s most incredible comebacks.


Crew: Trainer: Chiwetel Ejiofor

In TRIPLE NINE, a crew of dirty cops is blackmailed by the Russian mob to execute a virtually impossible heist and the only way to pull it off is to manufacture a 999, police code for “officer down.” Their plan is turned upside down when the unsuspecting rookie they set up to die foils the attack, triggering a breakneck action-packed finale tangled with double-crosses, greed and revenge.


Crew: Trainer: Will Smith

Nicky Spurgeon is an extremely accomplished con man who takes an amateur con artist, Jess, under his wing. Nicky and Jess become romantically involved, and with Nicky’s profession of being a liar and a cheater for a living, he realizes that deception and love are things that don’t go together. They split, only to see each other three years later… And things get messy.


Crew: Trainer: Will Smith

Actor: Ranger Instructor

Stunts: Stunt Performer

One thousand years after cataclysmic events forced humanity’s escape from Earth, Nova Prime has become mankind’s new home. Legendary General Cypher Raige (Will Smith) returns from an extended tour of duty to his estranged family, ready to be a father to his 13-year-old son, Kitai (Jaden Smith). When an asteroid storm damages Cypher and Kitai’s craft, they crash-land on a now unfamiliar and dangerous Earth. As his father lies dying in the cockpit, Kitai must trek across the hostile terrain to recover their rescue beacon. His whole life, Kitai has wanted nothing more than to be a soldier like his father. Today, he gets his chance.


Crew: Coordinator: E2

Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement), last surviving member of the predatory Boglodite race, escapes from the inescapable LunarMax prison on Earth’s moon intent on going back in time to kill Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), who, on July 16, 1969, caused the loss of one of Boris’ arms and arrested him. On Earth, K learns of the escape after investigating a spaceship crash in the New York City streets and a Chinese restaurant teeming with alien life. While K won’t reveal any details to Agent J (Will Smith), he confesses his regret at not having killed Boris in 1969. Late that night when the two agents are in their respective apartments, K calls J seemingly to tell all but remains silent and J hangs up on him. K then makes preparation for an ambush and sets to wait when all traces of him and his apartment disappear. The next morning J goes to talk with K and discovers the world is different. At MIB headquarters, J learns that all other MIB personnel remember K as having been killed in action in the year 1969.
Agent O (Emma Thompson), the new Chief after Zed’s passing, deduces from J’s insistence on his reality and knowledge of details about Agent K that a fracture has occurred in the space-time continuum. She deduces Boris time-jumped to 1969 – knowledge of time-travel having been restricted to prevent such an occurrence – and killed K, resulting in a different future reality and an imminent Boglodite invasion of Earth, now vulnerable due to the absence of the protective ArcNet which, in J’s version of reality, K had installed in 1969. Through electronics-shop owner Jeffrey Price (Michael Chernus), J acquires the same time-jump mechanism as Boris, but his query about how he can remember K when nobody else can merely results in Jeffrey informing him that he must have ‘been there’. As the doomed Earth is being invaded, J jumps off the Chrysler Building to reach time-travel velocity and arrives in 1969 the day before Boris is supposed to kill K.
With some inevitable challenges upon his arrival – including his lack of resources and his skin color – J goes to Coney Island to intercept Boris while he is there to commit a historically recorded murder but a 29-year-old Agent K (Josh Brolin) interrupts and arrests J. After fruitless questioning at MIB headquarters because J had been advised not to interact with the young Agent, K has J placed inside a large Neuralyzer. At the last second, after J confesses the truth of his mission, K aborts the procedure. As a wary team, they follow clues of Boris’ trail to a bowling alley then to Andy Warhol’s Factory, where they meet the prescient alien Griffin (Michael Stuhlbarg), who occupies 5-dimensions and possesses the ArcNet. Griffin tells them the Boglodites destroyed his planet, and that he does not wish the Earth to suffer the same fate. Griffin then warns the two agents of Boris’ impending arrival with the intent to kill him and leaves just before Boris arrives. Agent K narrowly escapes his own demise at the hands of Boris.
The Agents later locate Griffin at Shea Stadium, where he gives them the ArcNet and instructs K that it must be placed onto the Apollo 11 lunar rocket, launching in less than six hours in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Boris arrives and snatches Griffin and the Agents pursue to rescue him from a certain fate.
The elder Boris arrives, meeting up with his younger self and both agree to get the ArcNet and kill K so that the invasion will be imminent.
Upon arriving at Cape Canaveral, the agents and Griffin are arrested by military police. A colonel, however, allows them to continue their mission after Griffin uses his precognitive power to show the colonel how important the agents are.
At the launch pad, J and K confront both the 1969 and modern incarnations of Boris and the battle ensues on the rocket scaffolding as the launch counts down. The elder Boris impales J with his spikes before they both fall off the pad; however, J uses the time-jump to travel back to the beginning of the fight and avoid the spikes before pushing the elder Boris off the scaffolding, falling to the pad below. Meanwhile, as K battles the younger Boris, he disconnects a hose causing it to spray liquid hydrogen on Boris’ left arm, freezing it and causing it to shatter. K then plants the ArcNet on the top of the rocket in the last seconds before blastoff. The elder Boris is incinerated to death in the blast off and the protective shield deploys as the rocket leaves Earth’s atmosphere.
The colonel congratulates K as he returns from the launch pad. As J watches from the distance, the younger Boris surprises them and kills the colonel. The younger Boris tries to goad K into arresting him, but the junior agent instead shoots the young Boris this time, killing him. A young boy named James exits a military vehicle looking for his father, the colonel. He pulls out a pocket watch revealed earlier to have been passed down to Agent J by his father, and J realizes that the young boy is actually his younger self (explaining Jeffrey’s revelation that he was there; he was present when Boris altered history by killing K). Unwilling to reveal his father’s death, K neuralyzes James, telling him his father is a hero. J then realizes why K wouldn’t tell him about why he regretted arresting Boris in the first place.
With the timeline restored, J returns to the present day, where he meets his partner at a diner. There, he shows K his father’s pocket watch and thanks him, mentioning that he might now know more secrets than K does. As they leave the diner, Griffin, a few seats away, tells the viewers all is well with the world, except for an imminent asteroid impact on Earth if this is the timeline where K forgot to leave a tip. K returns to leave his tip, however, and the asteroid is shown colliding with an orbiting satellite instead.

Seven Pounds:

Crew: Trainer: Mr. Smith

Two years ago, Tim Thomas (Will Smith), sending a text message while driving, caused a car crash in which seven people died: six strangers and his fiancee, Sarah Jenson (Robinne Lee). In a bid for redemption, Tim sets out to save the lives of seven good people, although this goal only becomes clear near the end of the film, or earlier for those viewers who are able to piece together the clues offered in flashbacks throughout the film.[2]
A year after the crash, having quit his job as an aeronautical engineer, Tim donates a lung lobe to his brother, (Michael Ealy), an IRS employee. Six months later he donates part of his liver to a social services worker named Holly (Judyann Elder). After that, he begins searching for more candidates to receive donations. He finds George (Bill Smitrovich), a junior hockey coach, and donates a kidney to him, and donates bone marrow to a young boy named Nicholas (Quintin Kelley).
Two weeks before he dies, he contacts Holly and asks if she knows anyone who deserves help. She suggests Connie Tepos (Elpidia Carrillo), who lives with an abusive boyfriend. Tim moves out of his house and into a local motel, taking with him his pet box jellyfish. One night, after being beaten, Connie contacts Tim and he gives her the keys and deed to his beach house. She takes her two children and they move into their new home.
Having stolen his brother’s credentials, and making himself known by his brother’s name Ben, he checks out candidates for his two final donations. The first is Ezra Turner (Woody Harrelson), a blind meat salesman who plays the piano. Tim calls Ezra Turner and harasses him at work to check if he is quick to anger. Ezra remains calm and Tim decides he is worthy.
He then contacts Emily Posa (Rosario Dawson), a self-employed greeting card printer who has a heart condition and a rare blood type. He spends time with her, weeding her garden and fixing her rare Heidelberg Windmill press. He begins to fall in love with her and decides that, as her condition has worsened, he needs to make his donation.
Tim’s brother Ben tracks him down at Emily’s house, demanding that Tim return Ben’s IRS credentials. After an interlude with Emily, Tim leaves her sleeping and returns to the motel. He fills the bathtub with ice water to preserve his vital organs, climbs in, and commits suicide by pulling his box jellyfish into the water with him. His friend Dan (Barry Pepper) acts as executor to ensure that his organs are donated to Emily and Ezra. Ezra Turner receives his corneas and Emily receives his heart. Afterward, Emily meets Ezra at his concert at a park, and they begin to talk.

The Human Contract:

Crew: Trainer: Jason Clarke

A successful corporate type harboring a deep, dark secret befriends a free-spirited stranger who encourages him to ditch his stuffy lifestyle and live life in reckless abandon.


Crew: Trainer: Will Smith

Actor: Police Sergeant

John Hancock (Smith) is an alcoholic man with super powers, including flight, invulnerability, immortality and super-strength. Though he uses his powers to stop criminals in his current residence of Los Angeles, his activity inadvertently causes millions of dollars in property damage due to his constant intoxication. As a result, he is routinely jeered at the crime scenes. Hancock also ignores court subpoenas from the city of Los Angeles to address the property damage he has caused.
When public relations spokesperson Ray Embrey (Bateman) departs from an unsuccessful meeting pitching his All-Heart logo for corporations who are extraordinarily charitable, he becomes trapped on railroad tracks with an incoming freight train. Hancock saves Ray’s life, but he causes the train to derail and nearly injures another driver. Hancock is jeered by other drivers for causing more damage, but Ray steps in and thanks Hancock for saving his life. Ray offers to improve Hancock’s public image, and Hancock grudgingly accepts. The spokesperson convinces the alcoholic superhero to permit himself to be jailed for outstanding subpoenas so they can show Los Angeles how much the city really needs Hancock. When the crime rate rises after Hancock’s incarceration, the superhero is contacted by the Chief of Police. With a new costume from Ray, Hancock intervenes with a bank robbery, rescuing a cop and stopping the leader of the robbers, Red Parker (Marsan).
After the rescue, Hancock is applauded for handling the bank robbery. The superhero becomes popular once more, as Ray had predicted. He goes out to dinner with Ray and his wife Mary (Theron), with whom he reveals his apparent immortality and his amnesia from 80 years ago. After Hancock tucks a drunken Ray in bed, he discovers that Mary also has superhuman powers. He threatens to expose her until she explains their origins, and she tells him that they have lived for 3,000 years with their powers, having been called gods and angels in their time. She explains that they are the last of their kind and that their kind are paired. Mary does not tell Hancock the entire truth, and Hancock departs to tell Ray about the conversation. The exchange results in a battle between Hancock and Mary that takes them to downtown Los Angeles, causing significant damage to the area. Ray, downtown in a business meeting, sees and recognizes Mary using superhero powers like Hancock.
Hancock is later shot twice in the chest and wounded when he stops a liquor store robbery. After being hospitalized, Mary enters and explains that as the pair of immortals gets close, they begin to lose their powers. She also explains that Hancock was attacked in an alley 80 years prior, causing his amnesia. Mary deserted him then in order for him to recover from his injuries. When he is hospitalized, the hospital is raided by Red Parker, the bank robber, and two men that Hancock had humiliated during his incarceration. Mary, visiting Hancock, is shot in the process. Hancock is able to stop two men but is further wounded by them. When Red attempts to finish Hancock off, Ray comes to the rescue and disarms and kills the bank robber with a fire axe. With Mary nearly dying, Hancock flees from the hospital so their parting would allow her to heal with her powers. He later winds up in New York City, working as a superhero. Ray is seen walking with Mary discussing historical events such as the reign of Attila the Hun in a jovial manner. As gratitude to Ray, Hancock paints Ray’s All-Heart logo on the moon and calls the spokesperson to look up to the worldwide advertisement.

I Am Legend:

Crew: Trainer: Will Smith

Crew: Trainer: Alice Braga

Actor: Mike – Military Escort

In September 2012, military virologist Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville (Will Smith) is the last healthy and immune human in New York City. A genetically-engineered variant of the measles virus created by Dr. Alice Krippin (Emma Thompson), meant as a cure for cancer, had mutated into a lethal strain. It spread throughout the world, killing 90% of humanity. Most survivors became predatory, vampiric[4] beings[5] called “Darkseekers” that emerge after dusk to prey on those immune to the virus. In December 2009, Neville had lost his wife Zoe (Salli Richardson) and daughter Marley (Willow Smith) in a helicopter accident during a chaotic quarantine of Manhattan.
Neville’s daily routine includes experimenting on infected rats to find a cure for the virus and trips through a decaying Manhattan to collect supplies or hunt for deer. He keeps vigil each day for a response to his recorded AM radio broadcasts, which instruct any survivors to meet him at midday at the South Street Seaport. Neville’s isolation is broken only by the companionship of his pet German Shepherd Samantha and interaction with mannequins he has set up as patrons of a video store.
To test a treatment, Neville sets a snare trap and captures an infected woman. An enraged mutated alpha male attempts to rescue her, but is driven back by the sunlight. In the laboratory in his heavily fortified Washington Square Park home, Neville tries the new serum on the infected woman, seemingly without success.
The next day, after finding one of his mannequins moved out in the street in front of Grand Central Terminal, Neville is caught in a snare trap and passes out. He regains consciousness at dusk and frees himself, but a pack of infected dogs attack Neville and Sam. Although Neville and Sam kill the dogs, an infected dog bites Sam during the fight. Neville brings Sam home and attempts to save the dog by injecting a strain of his serum, but it is too late, as Sam starts to mutate, which then forces Neville to kill her.
Overwhelmed by grief and rage of the loss of his dog, Neville attacks a group of the infected on the seaport the following night with his SUV. He kills many, but they overwhelm and nearly kill him before he is rescued by a pair of immune humans, a woman named Anna (Alice Braga) and a boy named Ethan (Charlie Tahan), who followed his radio broadcasts. Anna and Ethan take him back to his home. Anna explains that they are making their way to a survivors’ camp in Bethel, Vermont. Neville does not believe that such a camp exists and expresses doubt when Anna says that God told her about it.
The following night, the alpha male leads an infected mob in an attack on Neville’s house. Anna, who was unaware of Neville’s precautions in covering his scent outside the house, inadvertently allowed the infected to follow their trail. As the infected charge the house, Neville stops the first wave with claymore mines, but finds himself defenseless against the second wave. As Neville tries to find Anna and Ethan, an infected enters and attacks him. The infected retreats upstairs and begins tearing a hole in the roof so others can get in.
After Neville saves Anna and Ethan, they retreat into the laboratory. They seal themselves in a reinforced plexiglass room with the infected woman, and discover that Neville’s treatment is working; the subject looks much more human. The infected break in and the alpha male begins to throw himself against the plexiglass, cracking it. Neville draws a vial of the infected woman’s blood and gives it to Anna before shutting them inside a coal chute in the back of the lab. He detonates an M67 grenade to destroy the attackers at the cost of his own life.
Anna and Ethan arrive at the survivors’ colony, where Anna hands over the antidote. Anna later states that the survivors are Neville’s legacy, as his fight for a cure became legend.


Crew: Trainer: Terrence Howard

It is 1974 and life is not easy for a black male, even a college-educated one like Jim Ellis (Terrence Howard), to find employment. Struggling to find anything better, Jim, a former competitive swimmer, accepts the job of dismantling the decrepit Marcus Foster Recreation Center operated by the Philadelphia Department of Recreation. The center includes a dilapidated swimming pool, which Ellis rehabilitates. Ellis’ presence and activities causes friction with a bitter, overprotective janitor named Elston (Bernie Mac). One day, Jim invites a group of black teens who have just been thrown off the basketball court in the Center’s yard in for a swim. Andre (Kevin Phillips), Hakim (Nate Parker), Reggie (Evan Ross), Puddin’ Head (Brandon Fobbs), and Walt (Alphonso McAuley) prove to be fairly capable swimmers and with a few pointers, could become great swimmers. With some help from Elston, Jim decides to try to save the public swimming pool by starting the city’s first all African-American swim team. When the team also acquires Willie (Regine Nehy), a female swimmer more gifted than any of the boys, the prospects of competing against much more experienced rival white teams begin to seem more positive. Jim also develops a romantic interest in a beautiful city councilor (Kimberly Elise), Hakim’s sister and guardian. Throughout their struggles, in or out of the swimming pool, Jim and Elston embrace and mentor the kids, helping them become successful at swimming and struggle against prejudice, crime, and poverty.

In the Kevin Hart movie “Laugh At My Pain”, Kevin Hart said that when he was little he used to swim at the Philadelphia Department of Recreation, and he said that the movie “Pride” was talking about it.

The Pursuit of Happyness:

Crew: Trainer: Will Smith

In 1981 San Francisco, Chris Gardner (Will Smith) invests his entire life savings in portable bone-density scanners which he tries to demonstrate and sell to doctors. The investment proves to be a white elephant, which financially breaks the family and as a result, his wife Linda (Thandie Newton) leaves him and moves to New York. Their son Christopher (Jaden Smith) remains with his father. While downtown trying to sell one of his scanners, Chris meets Jay Twistle (Brian Howe), a manager for Dean Witter and impresses him by solving a Rubik’s Cube during a short cab ride. Chris does not have enough money for the cab fare and flees into a subway station where he barely escapes the cab driver but loses one of his bone scanners in the process. This new relationship with Twistle earns him the chance to become an intern stockbroker.
Despite arriving there unkempt and shabbily dressed due to being arrested the previous day for unpaid parking tickets and Chris didn’t have enough time to make the appointment on time, Chris is offered the internship. Chris is further set back when his bank account is garnished by the IRS for unpaid income taxes, and he and his young son are evicted. As a result they are homeless, and are forced at one point to stay in a bathroom at a subway station. Motivation drives him to find the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, which has a homeless shelter primarily for single mothers and their children. The church’s owner does not let him stay due to the fact that it is for women and children, although she tells him about a local church that also provides shelter, but has very limited space. Due to demand for the limited rooms, Chris must frantically race from his internship work early each afternoon in order to land a place in line. Chris finds the bone scanner that he lost in the subway station from a demented man who believes it to be a time machine and it is now damaged, but Chris finally repairs it.
Disadvantaged by his limited work hours, and knowing that maximizing his client contacts and profits is the only way to earn the one paid position that he and his 19 competitors are fighting for, Chris develops a number of ways to make phone sales calls more efficiently. He also reaches out to potential high value customers, defying protocol. One sympathetic prospect takes him and his son to a San Francisco 49ers game. Regardless of his challenges, Chris never reveals his lowly circumstances to his co-workers, even going so far as to lend one of his bosses five dollars for a cab, a sum he can’t afford.
Concluding his internship, Chris is called into a meeting with his managers. His work has paid off and he is offered the position. Fighting back tears, he rushes to his son’s daycare, hugging him. They walk down the street, joking with each other and are passed by a man in a business suit (the real Chris Gardner in a cameo). The epilogue reveals that Chris went on to form his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm.


Actor: Bartender

Alex “Hitch” Hitchens (Will Smith) is a professional “date doctor” who coaches other men in the art of wooing women.
While coaching one of his clients, Albert Brennaman (Kevin James), who is smitten with a client of his investment firm, celebrity Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta), Hitch finds himself falling for Sara Melas (Eva Mendes), a gossip columnist who is determined to unmask and ruin the so-called “date doctor” after one of his “clients” had a one-night stand with her best friend. Sara doesn’t realize that Hitch refused to work with this “pig” and that all of his clients “like women”. While Albert and Allegra’s relationship continues to progress, Hitch finds that none of his tried and tested methods are working for him, despite being a master of the art. After Hitch is unmasked, he and Sara break up, and Allegra and Albert follow soon. Finally, Hitch confronts Allegra and convinces her to reunite with Albert, before reconciling with Sara. In the process, he makes the startling discovery that he doesn’t really do anything significant besides allowing his clients to get the attention of the woman and giving them confidence, and that most of his customers (particularly Albert) really were successful by just being themselves.

I, Robot:

Crew: Trainer: Will Smith

In 2035, anthropomorphic robots enjoy widespread use as servants for various public services. They are programmed with the Three Laws of Robotics directives:
First Law: A robot must never harm a human being or through inaction, allow any harm to come to a human.
Second Law: A robot must obey the orders given to them by human beings, except where such orders violate the First Law.
Third Law: A robot must protect its own existence unless this violates the First or Second Laws.
Del Spooner (Will Smith) is a Chicago police detective. Years prior, he was saved from drowning by a zbouba[clarification needed] after a car accident sent him and a 12-year-old girl into a river. The girl was not saved, as the robot computed that he had a higher probability of survival. After the incident, his badly damaged left arm was replaced with a robotic prosthetic, which is substantially stronger than an organic arm. Still haunted by the incident, Spooner now harbors distaste for robots and the advancement of technology, certain that a human would have saved the girl if one had been in a position to make the same choice.
Dr. Alfred Lanning (James Cromwell), the co-founder of U.S. Robotics (USR) and its main roboticist, dies after falling several stories from his office window. His death is called a suicide, but Spooner, who knew Lanning as both a friend and the creator of his robotic arm, believes otherwise. With the help of robopsychologist Susan Calvin (Bridget Moynahan), he interrogates employees at USR, including the other co-founder and CEO Lawrence Robertson (Bruce Greenwood), and the supercomputer V.I.K.I (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) (Fiona Hogan). Spooner investigates Lanning’s office, and determines that a man of Lanning’s age could not have broken through the security windows. He finds a prototype of the latest USR model, the NS-5, which suddenly flees and refuses to respond to Spooner’s orders to stop, violating the Second Law. Spooner and Calvin chase the rogue machine to an assembly factory and the police capture it. The robot refuses to respond but insists they call it “Sonny”. Lt. John Bergin (Chi McBride) debriefs Spooner and recommends he drop the case, but this only serves to pique Spooner’s interest more. As Spooner continues to investigate, his life is threatened by several USR robots — one attack only being thwarted thanks to Spooner’s artificial arm — but these are all dismissed as equipment malfunctions.
Spooner learns that Lanning was a virtual prisoner in his office, unable to leave it and has created messages via holographic projection to leave clues to the true situation. Spooner and Calvin speak further to Sonny, learning he has been designed with the ability to override the Three Laws and ignore orders; Sonny also describes a dream he has of Spooner standing before thousands of robots, apparently as their savior. Sonny is ordered to be destroyed by injecting nanites into his memory, but Calvin, unable to go through with it, fakes his destruction. Meanwhile, using Sonny’s drawing of the vision, Spooner discovers the location, the now dried-up Lake Michigan that USR now uses as a storage area for older robot models. Spooner finds NS-5 robots destroying the older robots, and is barely able to escape himself. The NS-5 robots soon take over the city, imprisoning humans in their homes and enforcing a curfew.
Spooner regroups with Calvin and they sneak into the USR building with the help of Sonny. As they work their way in, they come to the conclusion that the NS-5s destroyed the older robots as they would attempt to protect the humans. Believing Robertson to be behind the robot uprising, they find him in his office, strangled to death. Spooner realizes that Lanning purposely asked Sonny to kill him, as to allow Spooner to discover his message. Lanning’s intent was to use Spooner’s detestation of robots to have him follow the clues to point to the entity controlling the NS-5s: V.I.K.I. They confront V.I.K.I. who admits to her control, and has been trying to kill Spooner by tracking his actions through the city. As her artificial intelligence grew, she had determined that humans were too self-destructive, and created an additional law, stating that robots are to protect humanity even if the First or Second Laws are disobeyed, even if it meant killing some of the people, as part of the NS-5 directives.
Spooner and Calvin realize they cannot reason with V.I.K.I., and further convince Sonny of the same, Sonny concluding that V.I.K.I.’s plan, while logical, is “too heartless”. Sonny retrieves the nanites so they can use them to wipe V.I.K.I’s core, located at the center of the USR building. As they reach the core, V.I.K.I. sends armies of NS-5s to attack them. The NS-5s cause Calvin to fall and Spooner yells at Sonny to save her despite the low probability of success and the “greater logical” importance to destroy V.I.K.I with the nanites, but in the end, Sonny creatively throws the nanites in the air trusting Spooner to grab them while he saves Calvin. Spooner is able to grab the nanites and inject them into V.I.K.I. Within seconds, V.I.K.I. is wiped out, and the NS-5s revert to their natural servitude programming. The government orders the NS-5s decommissioned to the site in Lake Michigan, while Spooner clears Sonny of Lanning’s murder, arguing that ‘murder’ is defined as one human killing another and Sonny is therefore innocent. On the movie’s closure, Sonny is seen on the hill at Lake Michigan, as in his vision, with the other NS-5 robots looking to him for guidance.

The Matrix Revolutions:

Crew: Trainer: Jada Pinkett Smith

Neo and Bane’s bodies lie unconscious in the medical bay of the ship Mjolnir. Neo’s digital self, meanwhile, finds itself trapped in a virtual subway station – a transition zone between the Matrix and the Machine City. In that subway station, he meets a “family” of programs, including a girl named Sati, whose father tells Neo the subway is controlled by the Trainman, an exiled program loyal to the Merovingian. When Neo tries to board a train with the family, the Trainman refuses and overpowers him.
Seraph contacts Morpheus and Trinity on behalf of the Oracle, who informs them of Neo’s confinement. Seraph, Morpheus and Trinity enter Club Hel, where they confront the Merovingian and force him to release Neo. Troubled by visions of the Machine City, Neo visits the Oracle, who reveals that Smith intends to destroy both the Matrix and the real world. She states that “everything that has a beginning has an end”, and that the war will conclude. After Neo leaves, a large group of Smiths assimilates Sati, Seraph and the unresisting Oracle, gaining her powers of precognition.
In the real world, the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar and the Mjolnir find and reactivate Niobe’s ship, the Logos. They interrogate Bane, who claims to have no memory of the earlier massacre. As the captains plan their defense of Zion, Neo requests a ship to travel to the Machine City. Motivated by her encounter with the Oracle, Niobe offers him the Logos. Neo departs, accompanied by Trinity. Bane, who has stowed away on the Logos, takes Trinity hostage. Neo realizes that Bane has been assimilated by Smith. Bane cauterizes Neo’s eyes with a power cable, blinding him; however, Neo discovers an ability to perceive the world as golden light. Neo kills Bane, and Trinity pilots them to the Machine City. Niobe and Morpheus set out for Zion with the Mjolnir to aid the human defenses against the Sentinels. In Zion, the fatally wounded Captain Mifune instructs Kid to open the gate for the Mjolnir. When it arrives, it discharges its EMP, disabling the Sentinels but also the remaining defenses. The humans are forced to retreat and wait for the next attack, which they believe will be their last stand. Neo and Trinity are attacked by machines, causing them to crash the Logos into the Machine City. The crash kills Trinity.
Neo enters the Machine City and encounters the “Deus Ex Machina”, the machine leader. Neo, warning that Smith plans to conquer both the Matrix and the real world, offers to stop Smith in exchange for peace with Zion. The machine leader agrees, and the Sentinels stop attacking Zion. The Machines provide a connection for Neo to enter the Matrix. Inside, Neo finds that Smith has assimilated all its inhabitants. The Smith with the Oracle’s powers steps forth, claiming to have foreseen his victory. After a protracted battle, Neo baits Smith into assimilating him. The machine leader sends a burst of energy into Neo’s body in the real world, causing all the Smiths in the Matrix to be destroyed. The Sentinels withdraw from Zion, Neo’s body is carried away by the machines, and Morpheus and Niobe embrace.
The Matrix reboots, and the Architect encounters the Oracle in a park. They agree that the peace will last “as long as it can”, and that all humans will be offered the opportunity to leave the Matrix. The Oracle tells Sati that she thinks they will see Neo again. Seraph asks the Oracle if she knew this would happen, and she replies that she did not know, but she believed.

Bad Boys II:

Crew: Trainer: Will Smith

Eight years after the events of the first film, Miami Police Department (MPD) detectives Marcus Barnett (Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) are investigating the flow of highly-potent ecstasy into the city. Their surveillance of boats coming in from Cuba leads them to a Ku Klux Klan meeting and drug drop in a swamp docks outside Miami. The subsequent raid on the Klan members proves to be a disaster; malfunctioning radios delay back-up, causing a firefight where Mike accidentally shoots Marcus in the buttocks, while the Klan members are revealed to be mere small-time buyers and not the distributors of the ecstasy. The incident leaves Marcus to further question if he still wants to partner with Mike, while Mike fears that Marcus may discover his new relationship with Marcus’ sister, Syd (Gabrielle Union).
Unbeknownst to Mike and Marcus, Syd is an undercover operative with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), as a money laundering agent for Russian gangsters; the Russian gangsters are in fact the distributors of the ecstasy on behalf of neurotic Cuban drug lord Johnny Tapia (Jordi Mollà). During her first assignment in Miami, a violent Haitian gang attempts to hijack the money transport between the Russians and Tapia, putting Syd in danger. Mike and Marcus inadvertently stumble into the action, and an intense firefight and car chase ensues between the gang members and the MPD/DEA, devastating the local area and enraging Police Captain Conrad Howard (Joe Pantoliano). Marcus and Mike learn of Syd’s actual work, which makes Marcus unhappy, while Capt. Howard demands they find the supplier of ecstasy.
Marcus and Mike go to confront the Haitian gang leader, which results in a firefight and the leader revealing that his information about the transport came from his friend’s camcorder. After viewing the footage, Marcus and Mike find out that a local business, the Spanish Palms Mortuary, is possibly being used as a front by Tapia. Disguised as pest terminators, the detectives penetrate Tapia’s mansion and discover that Tapia has eliminated his Russian distributors and begun to woo their former associate Syd, who is still undercover with the DEA and has refocused the investigation towards Tapia. The detectives also recover evidence linking Tapia to one of the boats involved in the Klan raid in the swamps.
After pressuring one of the arrested Klansman into making Tapia’s boat, the detectives find themselves involved in another firefight, this time while pursuing a morgue van from the docks carrying emptied cadavers. Mike and Marcus decide to infiltrate Tapia’s mortuary, where they learn that the drug lord is using dead bodies to smuggle his drugs and money. The mission is nearly sabotaged when the pair are almost discovered, resulting in Marcus accidentally ingesting some of the ecstasy and Mike ordering the disguised officers outside the building to crash an ambulance into it, creating an diversion. After Mike and an intoxicated Marcus obtain a search warrant from Capt. Howard, the mortuary and Tapia’s mansion are raided, with the drugs and money being intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard. However, the mansion raid is botched when a vengeful Russian gangster, Alexei (Peter Stormare), violently storms the mansion on his own. Alexei is killed by the police, while Syd is discovered by Tapia and is kidnapped by him, leaving with her to Cuba. With Syd held prisoner in Tapia’s compound and guarded by the Cuban military, the drug lord demands the return of his money in two days in exchange for Syd’s life.
Mike and Marcus, along with their voluntary S.W.A.T team and Syd’s DEA co-workers, prepare a military assault to rescue Syd from Tapia’s fortress. During the battle, Mike and Marcus extract Syd and escape, pursued by the infuriated Tapia. After a lengthy pursuit, they end up in a minefield outside U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, where Tapia holds Mike at gunpoint. Marcus rescues Mike with a skillful headshot to Tapia’s skull in the middle of the minefield with his last bullet; in a nod to the previous film, Mike exclaims “That’s how you shoot!”.
Later, at the Burnett house, Mike has bought Marcus a new pool (replacing a previous pool that had been destroyed in a prior gag), and Marcus finally makes peace with Mike dating Syd and no longer doubts their partnership. Despite the sentiment, Mike’s new pool breaks, washing the two into a river, as they sing the “Bad Boys” theme song.


Crew: Key Boxing Trainer

A biography of sports legend Muhammad Ali, focusing on his triumphs and controversies between 1964 and 1974.

The Matrix Reloaded:

Crew: Trainer: Jada Pinkett Smith

Six months after the events of the first movie, Morpheus receives a message from Captain Niobe of the Logos calling an emergency meeting of all of Zion’s ships. Zion has confirmed the last transmission of the Osiris: an army of Sentinels is tunneling towards Zion and will reach it within 72 hours. Commander Lock orders all ships to return to Zion to prepare for the onslaught. Morpheus asks a ship to remain in order to contact the Oracle, in defiance of the order. The Caduceus receives a message from the Oracle, and the Nebuchadnezzar ventures out so Neo can contact her. One of the Caduceus crew, Bane, encounters Agent Smith, who takes over Bane’s avatar. Smith then uses this avatar to leave the Matrix, gaining control of Bane’s real body.
In Zion, Morpheus announces the news of the advancing machines to the people. Neo receives a message from the Oracle and returns to the Matrix to her bodyguard Seraph, who then leads them to her. After realizing that the Oracle is part of the Matrix, Neo asks how he can trust her; she replies that it is his decision. The Oracle instructs Neo to reach the Source of the Matrix by finding the Keymaker, a prisoner of the Merovingian. As the Oracle departs, Smith appears, telling Neo that after being defeated, he knew he was supposed to be deleted, but refused, and is now a rogue program. He demonstrates his ability to clone himself using other people in the Matrix, including other agents, as hosts. He then tries to absorb Neo as a host, but fails, prompting a battle between Neo and Smith’s clones. Neo manages to hold his own, but is forced to retreat from the increasingly overwhelming numbers.
Neo, Morpheus and Trinity visit the Merovingian and ask for the Keymaker, but the Merovingian refuses. His wife Persephone, tired of her husband’s attitude, betrays him and leads the trio to the Keymaker. The Merovingian soon arrives. Morpheus, Trinity and the Keymaker escape, while Neo holds off the Merovingian’s servants. Morpheus and Trinity try to escape with the Keymaker on the highway, facing several Agents and The Twins. Morpheus defeats The Twins; Trinity escapes, and Neo flies in to save Morpheus and the Keymaker.
In the real world, Zion’s remaining ships prepare to battle the machines. Within the Matrix, the crews of the Nebuchadnezzar, Vigilant and Logos help the Keymaker and Neo reach the door to the Source. The crew of the Logos must destroy a power plant to prevent a security system from being triggered, and the crew of the Vigilant must destroy a back-up power station. The Logos is successful, while the Vigilant is bombed by a Sentinel in the real world, killing everyone on board. Although Neo requested that Trinity remain on the Nebuchadnezzar, she enters the Matrix to replace the Vigilant crew and complete their mission. However, her escape is compromised by an agent, and they fight. As Neo, Morpheus and the Keymaker try to reach the Source, the Smiths appear and try to kill them. The Keymaker unlocks the door to the Source, allowing Neo and Morpheus to escape, but the Keymaker is killed.
Neo meets a program called the Architect, the Matrix’s creator. The Architect explains that Neo is part of the design of the Matrix, and unless Neo returns to the Source to reboot the Matrix and pick survivors to repopulate the soon-to-be-destroyed Zion, the Matrix will crash, killing everyone connected to it. Combined with Zion’s utter destruction, this would mean mankind’s extinction, but the machines would survive. Neo learns of Trinity’s situation and chooses to save her instead. As she falls off a building, he flies in and catches her, then removes a bullet from her body and restarts her heart.
Back in the real world, Sentinels destroy the Nebuchadnezzer. Neo displays a new ability to disable the machines with his thoughts, but falls into a coma from the effort. The crew are picked up by another ship, the Hammer. Its captain, Roland, reveals the remaining ships were wiped out by the machines after someone activated an EMP too early. Bane, who has murdered the rest of the Caduceus crew, is revealed as the only survivor.

Hollywood Homicide :

Actor: Officer King

Sergeant Joe Gavilan (Ford) is a financially strapped LAPD homicide detective who for several years has been moonlighting as a real estate broker. His partner is K.C. Calden (Hartnett), a much younger officer who teaches yoga on the side and wants to be an actor.
The duo is assigned to investigate the murders of four men, members of a rap group called H2OClick who were gunned down in a nightclub by two unidentified assailants. While investigating, the detectives discover there had been a witness who escaped unnoticed. Gavilan is distracted by a looming real estate deal that may be the key to getting out of debt, while Calden pursues his acting dreams by trying to attract talent agents.
Unknown to the detectives, Antoine Sartain (Washington), the manager of H2OClick, has his head of security eliminate the two hitmen they had hired to carry out the murders of H2OClick. Gavilan and Calden initially had believed the murders to be gang-related, but Gavilan sees the bodies of the hitmen at the morgue and concludes they were killed by someone else.
Gavilan learns from an undercover officer (Phillips) posing as a prostitute that the songwriter for H2OClick, a man named K-Roc, has gone missing. Gavilan believes he is the murder witness. It proves difficult to track down K-Roc when they cannot determine his real name. K-Roc is later revealed to be Oliver Robideaux, the son of Olivia Robideaux (Knight), a former Motown singer.
The arrival of Lieutenant Bennie “The Executioner” Macko (Greenwood) from Internal Affairs at headquarters unnerves Gavilan -— they have a bad history ever since Gavilan proved him wrong on a case years ago. Gavilan’s love interest, a psychic named Ruby (Olin), used to date Macko, who is intent on taking away both Gavilan and Calden’s badges, going so far as to try to frame the two for corruption.
Gavilan and Calden form a closer bond. Calden reveals that his father Danny Calden, also a cop, had been mysteriously gunned down during a sting operation gone wrong. The elder Calden’s partner at the time, Leroy Wasley, was implicated in the murder, but later released on lack of evidence.
K-Roc is tracked to his home, where Olivia Robideaux professes her son’s innocence and claims Antoine Sartain, the manager of the group, was the real culprit. Sartain had been embezzling money from H2OClick, whose members found out and threatened to hire lawyers to nullify their contracts. Sartain hired the hitmen as a “lesson” to all clients of his record label. It also turns out that Sartain’s head of security is none other than Leroy Wasley, and that Macko was in cahoots with him, as well.
The detectives prepare to arrest Sartain and Wasley, but cannot locate them. Gavilan enlists the help of Ruby, who, after a brief meditating session, leads him and Calden to a Beverly Hills clothing store. Sartain and his men, including Wasley, happen to drive by the store, so Gavilan and Calden follow in a wild car chase through the streets of Los Angeles.
After a crash, and subsequent shootout in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Gavilan catches up with Sartain, while Calden pursues Wasley. During a struggle, Gavilan manages to throw Sartain off the top of a building, killing him. Meanwhile, Calden traps Wasley in an alley, and Wasley draws a gun on Calden. Wasley admits to killing the detective’s father. Calden utilizes his acting skills to beg and plead for Wasley to spare him, which distracts Wasley enough, just as he is about the pull the trigger, for Calden to knock the gun away and wound Wasley with his duty weapon. Overcoming his desire to kill the man who murdered his father, Calden arrests him.
Gavilan and Calden reunite as LAPD officers swarm the scene in the background. Macko appears and calls for the arrests of the two officers, but Macko is arrested for his association with Wasley and Sartain.
The case over, Gavilan and Ruby (wearing a dress she bought at that clothing store) attend a production of A Streetcar Named Desire, in which Calden is furthering his acting ambitions by playing Stanley Kowalski. It is implied that Gavilan has successfully brokered the real estate deal. Cops to the end, though, both receive calls from headquarters, causing them to leave after the play.

I Spy:

Crew: Boxing Consultant

Stunts: Fight Coordinator

At the Bureau of National Security headquarters, BNS Special Agent Alex Scott (Owen Wilson) is accosted by his rival, Carlos (Gary Cole), before being briefed on his next mission. Scott is assigned to recover a stolen fighter plane sold to arms dealer Arnold Gundars (Malcolm McDowell). The plane is known as the “Switchblade” and is invisible to both radar and the naked eye. The BNS learns that Gundars is sponsoring Middleweight world boxing champion Kelly Robinson (Eddie Murphy)’s next match, and is using the event to auction off the plane. The agency has contacted Robinson and assigned him to be the civilian cover for Scott’s mission. Scott and Robinson travel to Budapest, where Scott plans to penetrate Gundars’ compound during a pre-fight party taking place that night. The duo clashes from the beginning, with Robinson treating Scott as a new member of his entourage. Robinson is initially wary of Scott’s penetration plan, but is convinced after Scott frightens Robinson while maneuvering the plane and gives Robinson a pair of contacts that allow Robinson to see whatever Scott sees.
In Budapest, Robinson is kidnapped after walking off with a local woman and interrogated. Scott bursts in, frees Robinson, and fights the kidnappers before revealing that the entire situation was a test. The woman is Rachel Wright (Famke Janssen), a fellow BNS agent and the object of Scott’s affections. At Gundars’s party, Robinson replaces Gundars’s pen with a duplicate fitted with a tracking device before confronting his European challenger in the party’s boxing ring. Scott, posing as a member of Robinson’s entourage, uses this as a diversion to enter Gundars’ private office and hack his computer. Robinson arrives unexpectedly and trips an alarm. The two are forced to escape, a task hindered by Scott’s defective equipment (which according to Scott “looks like it was bought at Radio Shack in 1972.”). After a chase spanning much of Budapest, Scott and Robinson manage to evade their pursuers by hiding in a sewer. While waiting, they converse and bond.
After returning to base, Robinson coaches Scott into winning the heart of Agent Wright (by feeding him lines from the song, Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye). Scott succeeds, but is interrupted by movement on the pen tracking device. He tracks Gundars to a bathhouse, which Scott believes is a dead end. However, Robinson has a hunch that the plane is hidden in the building, leading the two into a fight with Gundars’s men. Gundars speeds off in his car, with Wright in hot pursuit. Wright’s car explodes, stunning Scott, who blames Robinson for her death. The two engage in a public confrontation that leads to Robinson’s arrest. Nonetheless, Scott convinces the BNS that the operation can continue and tracks Gundars down once again. Meanwhile, Robinson clears up his arrest and reaches the arena just in time for his fight, his serious demeanor unnerving his entourage.
At the top of a bridge, Scott finds Gundars with terrorists fitting the plane with a nuclear missile. Scott takes the men by surprise and forces them to surrender, before being disarmed by an alive Agent Wright, who reveals she is a double agent. Wright tortures Scott for the Switchblade’s activation codes. Scott activates the contact lens gadget, allowing Robinson to see the dilemma as he battles his opponent in the ring. Robinson is taken aback when he gets knocked down for the first time in his career, but quickly recovers, knocks out his opponent, and departs for the bridge. Upon arrival, Robinson sets off a firefight which kills many of the terrorists. A few terrorists are killed by Carlos, providing back-up by parachute. After Carlos lands, Robinson infers that Carlos is also corrupt. When Carlos provokes Kelly, he knocks him out, scattering the terrorists for them to take cover. Other terrorists and Gundars are killed by Rachel. Robinson happens to take out the remaining terrorists. After the bomb on the plane is blown up (but it did not blow up the plane), Robinson appears to tell Rachel to put Carlos’ gun down. She tells him that she is with BNS. Wright makes up a lie that the BNS (herself included) suspected that Carlos was corrupt and says that Mac and her pretended to team up with him so that they can finally nail him and uses this to convince the others that she is innocent. The confusion leads to a fight between Scott and Carlos, allowing Wright to escape with Gundars’ briefcase, which containing sensitive information and is worth billions. With Robinson in tow, Scott attempts to fly the Switchblade away, but it crashes into the river below seconds after take off. While in the water, Robinson discovers the nuclear weapon. Scott realizes the mission is a success after all, and Robinson remarks that he will be recognized as a hero.
36 hours later, in Monte Carlo, Scott and Robinson track down Agent Wright and place her under arrest, as she remarks that she is glad the two received deserving press coverage. Scott turns up a copy of USA Today and sees a picture of Carlos in a parade with President Bush, receiving credit for the operation. Robinson takes this news hard, and refuses to accompany Scott to BNS headquarters for a mission debrief. Thinking quickly, Scott tells Robinson the agency has perfected a jelly-like substance that will allow its wearer to float through the air. Robinson happily agrees to go, and Scott tells another agent to retrieve some tubs of jello and two parachutes.

Dark Blue:

Actor: Sgt. Jakes

Set in Los Angeles, following a few officers in the Los Angeles Police Department in April 1992, Dark Blue takes place from a few days before to during the acquittal of four officers in the beating of black motorist Rodney King and the subsequent L.A. riots. The movie begins with some of the footage of the Rodney King beatings and then switches to a scene showing Sergeant Eldon Perry (Kurt Russell) pacing around in a motel room. He grabs a shotgun and pistol, and then the movie cuts to a scene with two men in a car (Buick Riviera), five days earlier. The two men, Darryl Orchard (Kurupt) and Gary Sidwell (Dash Mihok), appear to be robbing a convenience store, when they are actually after a safe in the room above the store. In the process, four people are murdered, and one severely wounded. The story then shifts to Detective Bobby Keough (Scott Speedman), who is in a Gun Board hearing in relation to an application of deadly force. His partner, Perry, defends him, and the two leave.
Perry, Keough, and Jack Van Meter (Brendan Gleeson) are all sitting in a room when they find out that Keough is exonerated. Jack Van Meter is Keough and Perry’s superior and a man of poor moral character—he often has his subordinates fabricate stories and evidence. It is later discovered that Perry killed the man that the Gun Board thinks Keough killed, meaning Perry and Keough perjured themselves earlier. Later that night Van Meter goes to Orchard and Sidwell’s house and takes the money the two stole from the safe, indicating that the two work for him. That night Keough is shown having sex with a woman who is also a police officer (Michael Michele); the relationship is casual, and they do not reveal their surnames to one another.
The next morning Van Meter tells Perry and Keough to investigate the convenience store murder-robbery. Their investigation ends with them finding Orchard and Sidwell as lead suspects; when this is brought to Van Meter, he tells them to pin it on someone else and provides a false alibi for Orchard and Sidwell. Meanwhile, Assistant Chief Arthur Holland (Ving Rhames) finds Perry’s actions suspicious and also does not believe Keough killed the man he was charged with killing at the Gun Board hearing. He asks his assistant Sergeant Beth Williamson, who has a mutual fling with Keough, to help him. When Williamson is pulling files on Perry and Keough, she discovers the identity of her lover to be Keough.
Later in the night, after obtaining a search warrant with underhanded techniques, a SWAT team raids the house of the ex-cons who are to be the fall guys. One of the ex-cons escapes and goes into a back alley, but is chased by Perry and Keough. When they catch up, Perry tells Keough to kill the man, but Keough has trouble pulling the trigger. Ultimately, however, Keough does kill the innocent man and is visibly shaken. Later on, Perry arrives at home mid-day and sees a moving truck outside of his house. His wife informs him that she is leaving him for another man. Perry tells her that she can keep the house, and leaves. Keough, still distraught after shooting an unarmed man begging for his life, goes to Williamson’s house and confesses to her that he killed the man under Perry’s orders. During this time, Van Meter decides he wants Perry killed and calls Orchard and Sidwell to do the job.
Van Meter calls Perry and tells him that there is a witness at the address 12657 Juliet. Perry initially balks at this proposal, citing the fact that this “witness” was not directly involved, and that this suggested murder would be far different. He finally accepts, and the call ends. Perry then runs the address 12657 Juliet with the department, and it is uncovered to be the address of Orchard and Sidwell. Shocked at this revelation, Perry ultimately decides to arm himself and head out to the address anyway, perhaps to kill Orchard and Sidwell. This links back to the start of the film.
Believing that Perry was sent by Van Meter to Orchard and Sidwell (as they are unaware of Van Meter’s ambush for Perry), Keough and Williamson also drive to 12657 Juliet. It is while driving there that they learn that the officers involved in the Rodney King beating were found not guilty and the city begins to break down. Turning a corner near Orchard and Sidwell’s house, Perry sees Keough and Williamson and all three stop. This pause is only broken as Keough is killed by Orchard and Sidwell firing from the rooftop, and the latter subsequently flee. Before dying, Keough tells Perry that he has ratted him out. Infuriated, Williamson blames Perry for what happened, saying she hopes he will burn in Hell. Perry calls in the incident, hesitating briefly before stating his intention of pursuing Orchard and Sidwell.
As they are driving through what are the LA riots, Sidwell is dragged out of his car and beaten to death by rioters while Orchard is captured by Perry. Perry then heads to the police academy promotions ceremony (he is promoted to Lieutenant), where he confesses about the corruption and implicates Van Meter. Van Meter attempts to discredit Perry, but ultimately fails as Perry volunteers himself to be arrested, and Holland orders an officer to do so. After the ceremony is adjourned, Perry and Holland chat briefly; Perry is well aware he will be incarcerated, and asks Holland to help him avoid the rougher prisons. Holland says he will see what he can do. The film ends with Perry gazing at a burning skyline of downtown Los Angeles.

Men in Black 2:

Actor: MIB Autopsy Agent

In 2002, five years after Men in Black, Agent J (Will Smith) is now the top operative for the MIB, the self-funded New York City-based agency that secretly monitors and regulates extraterrestrials’ activity on Earth. J is largely without a partner, after Agent L (from the first film) decided to return to her former life working in a morgue. Since then, subsequent partners have not lived up to J’s professional standards. While investigating a seemingly routine crime at a SoHo pizzeria, J uncovers a diabolical plot by Serleena, a shapeshifting Kylothian Queen who has arrived to Earth after destroying several planets and disguises hisself as a lingerie model (Lara Flynn Boyle), but resembles a plant-like hydra in her own form. The neuralyzed Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) has assumed civilian life as Kevin Brown, postmaster of Truro in Massachusetts, and to stop her, J must convince Kevin to rejoin MIB, because he is the only operative still alive who knows how to find what Serleena wants, the “Light of Zartha”. It also turned out that the planets that Serleena destroyed were the previous places she looked for the Light.
While J tries to deneuralyze Kevin, Serleena breaks into MIB resulting in a lock down; J and Kevin escape after being flushed from the building. J then takes Kevin to Jack Jeebs (Tony Shalhoub), who built an unofficial deneuralyzer. Although K eventually regains some of his memory, he still has no recollection of the “Light of Zartha” (he neuralyzed himself) but left himself a series of clues in case he needed to remember. The clues eventually lead to a videostore where they watch a tape that jars K’s memory: 25 years ago, the Zarthan Queen Laurana arrived on Earth to try to hide the Light of Zartha, but the MIB refused to help due to their neutrality. Serleena arrived to steal the Light, but K activated the Zarthan ship and sent it away. Serleena, believing the Light is on board the ship, chased the ship, but not before fatally shooting Laurana. K then reveals that the ship was a decoy, and that the Light is still hidden on Earth.
Meanwhile, Serleena frees all of the MIB’s high-security prisoners and uses them as henchmen. Believing that the Light is in the bracelet worn by Laura Vasquez (Rosario Dawson), a waitress at the pizzeria, Serleena kidnaps Laura and prepares to send her back to her homeworld. K and J, with the help of the “worm guys”, assault MIB headquarters, defeat Serleena’s henchmen, and rescue Laura. However, K warns them that if the Light is not taken off Earth and returned to Zartha, it will explode and destroy the planet. As they make their way to the departure point by flying in J’s car that can turn into a ship, Serleena gives chase but is eaten by Jeff, a giant alien worm living in the New York subway system. When they reach the departure point, K reveals that Laura is Laurana’s daughter and the actual Light of Zartha (it’s also suggested that he is her father as well). To save Earth and Zartha, Laura reluctantly leaves Earth, much to J’s dismay, as he had developed feelings for her.
Serleena returns to try to capture Laura again, having apparently assimilated Jeff into herself before killing him. Fortunately, K and J manage to destroy her for good, allowing Laura to escape to her homeworld. To cover up the chaos caused by Serleena’s rampage, K activates a giant neuralyzer hidden in the Statue of Liberty’s torch. Now that Laura is gone, K and Agent Zed (Rip Torn), the head of MIB, try to console J for his loss, but he answers that he needs no consolation and had accepted her departure without much sorrow.
To provide a measure of comfort, K puts the aliens that were found in a Grand Central Terminal locker (as one of the clues) into J’s locker. After J suggests showing those aliens that their world is bigger than a locker, K shows him and Frank (through a door) that they themselves are a species kept in a locker in an alien station, in contrast to their rookie worldview.


Crew: Boxing Trainer

Crew: Key Boxing trainer

The film begins with Cassius Clay before his championship debut against then heavyweight Sonny Liston, in the pre-fight weigh-in Clay heavily taunts Liston (such as calling Liston a “big ugly bear”) but Liston vows to “Fuck him (Clay) up”. In the fight Clay is able to dominate the early rounds of the match, but halfway through the fight Clay complains of a burning feeling in his eyes (implying that Liston has tried to cheat) and says he is unable to continue. However, his trainer/manager Angelo Dundee gets him to keep fighting. Once Clay is able to see again he easily dominates the fight and right before round seven Liston quits, therefore making Cassius Clay the youngest heavyweight champion at the time. (Mike Tyson would later beat this record).
Cassius Clay then changes his name to Muhammad Ali after converting to the Nation of Islam, and travels to Africa with Malcolm X. Ali continues to dominate as champion, until he is stripped of the title and sent to jail for his refusal to be drafted during the Vietnam War. His conviction is later overturned, and attempts to regain the Heavyweight Championship against Joe Frazier. Frazier wins, giving Ali the first loss of his career. After Frazier loses the championship to George Foreman, Ali fights Frazier again, this time winning. Ali goes to Zaire to face Foreman for the title. While there, Ali has an affair with a woman he meets named Veronica Porsche (who he is said to later marry in the epilogue). After reading rumors of his infidelity through newspapers, Ali’s wife travels to Zaire to confront him about this. Ali says he is unsure as to whether he really loves Veronica or not, and just wants to focus on his upcoming title shot. For a good portion of the fight against Foreman, Ali leans back against the ropes and covers up, letting Foreman wildly throw punches at him. As the rounds go on, Foreman tires himself out and Ali takes advantage. He quickly knocks out the tired Foreman, and the movie ends with Ali regaining the Heavyweight Championship of which he was previously stripped.

The Kid:

Crew: Boxing Coach

Actor: Best Man

A work-obsessed businessman (Bruce Willis) meets a charming 8-year-old version of himself who can’t believe that he turned out so badly. With the boy’s help, the man is able to reconcile the person he used to dream of being with the man he’s actually become.

Play It to the Bone :

Crew: Boxing Choreographer

Crew: Boxing Trainer

Aging prizefighters and longtime pals Cesar Dominguez (Banderas) and Vince Boudreau (Harrelson) always regretted not getting one last shot. Out of the blue, such an opportunity comes their way — except it is to fight each other.
Boxing promoter Joe Domino (Sizemore) has a problem on his hands. The fighters scheduled to be on his undercard in Vegas, a preliminary to a main event featuring heavyweight Mike Tyson, suddenly become unavailable at the last minute. He needs replacements fast, so a call is made to a gym in Los Angeles to see if Dominguez and Boudreau would be willing to step into the ring against one another.
The boxers negotiate one condition: that the winner will be given a chance to fight for the middleweight championship. Domino agrees, although the untrustworthy promoter is not necessarily a man of his word.
Cesar and Vince have only a day to get to the fight. They decide to drive rather than fly, so they call upon their friend Grace (Davidovich) to drive them in her lime green Oldsmobile 442. Grace is a former love interest of both. Grace’s own plan is to pitch her various money-making ideas to Vegas bigshots like hotel and casino boss Hank Goody (Wagner) and raise venture capital. Along the way, they pick up a hitchhiker (Liu) whose insults finally result in Grace’s flattening her with a solid right cross worthy of her traveling companions.
The fight between the two friends is sparsely attended, ringside fans and celebrities remaining uninterested until the night’s main event. Cesar and Vince mix it up so savagely, however, beating each other to a bloody pulp, that fans in the arena begin paying more and more attention, as do commentators on TV.
When the action-packed and dramatic bout comes to an end, Cesar and Vince are paid off, but promptly spend most of their money in the casino. Grace, too, comes away bruised and empty-handed, except for her everlasting relationship between a couple of hard-headed but soft-hearted guys.