will smith

October 2010

Dear Sir or Madam:

Ten years ago, in preparation for my role as Muhammad Ali, I started a journey with Mr. Darrell Foster. Since then, he has become my coach, sensei, friend, and mentor.

Darrell conditions the Intellect and the Anatomy. He instills expectations in the gym that soon become part of the daily routine. Whether it’s the last mile of a long run or the last take on a long shoot, his philosophy and dedication are proven tools for pushing past limits in the pursuit of personal excellence–and excellence is the outcome he demands.

With Darrell, resting on your laurels is never an option. The mornings are always early (sometimes really, really early…) and the workouts are always challenging–but the results are always fantastic. To call him an expert at his craft is an understatement. He is the best, plain and simple. I give Darrell, and the E2 Program, my highest recommendation.


Will Smith