Jada Pinkett Smith talks about staying healthy and fit with trainer, Darrell Foster.


Jada Pinkett-Smith lives a busy lifestyle like many women today. In the August 2009 issue of Shape magazine, she discusses the challenge of fitting workouts into her hectic schedule. According to her personal trainer, Darrell Foster, she “works out at least five days a week, and sessions include boxing, gymnastics, or running hills.” These workouts provide energy and firm the entire body. The article outlines the specific plan that Jada performs to stay toned. She combines cardio,strength training, and plyometric moves to maximize time and muscle building potential. The exercises highlighted in the article include:


Crisscross jump rope warm-up

Benefits: Jumping rope provides cardiovascular fitness as well as improves balance, agility and speed. It is a total body workout that improves calves, thighs, arms, shoulders and core muscles. Perform a basic jump until you are comfortable crossing your hands in front.


Rapid-fire punch

Benefits: As discussed in the article Boxing is an effective workout, boxing improves cardiovascular fitness and can help accelerate weight loss. Jada adds dumbbells which provide resistance that will tone arms and shoulders.


Four-Part Arms

Benefits: Jada uses a weighted bar for this strength move that combines bicep curls, overhead press and a tricep press to tone the muscles of the arms and shoulder muscles.


Knees-up Crunch

Benefits: This move will work the abs and strengthen your core. This is important as strong abs also provide support for the lower back which can improve posture and balance. Jada adds additional resistance by doing this move by balancing on a bench with a medicine ball.


Balancing triceps press

Benefits: By combining a side crunch with this arm resistant push you can target both the abs and back of the arms (triceps).


Tripod Push-up

Benefits: By lowering your chest while keeping your lower body level to the floor, and leg raised, this move will work the chest, core, triceps and glutes for a total body toning move.


Omega Squat

Benefits: Squats are a great move because you will work the large muscles of the legs and glutes which can help burn fat and boost your metabolism. With the addition of dumbbells, held out to the side and brought to center as you move down into the squat position, you also work the shoulders and chest.


Overall, this workout will exercise the entire body and includes both cardio and strength training moves. As with any workout program, go at a pace that is comfortable for you.


Article pulled from examiner.com