Muhammad Ali

September 22, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

In regards to Darrell Foster, Darrell is the trainer who trained Will Smith to become the “boxer” Muhammad Ali. Darrell’s approach to training Will was to train him as he would any other boxer but with my style. In doing so, his attention to detail, his expertise in exercise physiology as well as the sport of boxing, transformed Will Smith into a body double of a young Ali. He was able to train Will to fight as I did, to dance around the ring and be light on his toes. Will’s transformation into Muhammad Ali the boxer was total and compete. He had my every step, my every move mastered.

It is one thing to be able to box, it is another to be able to teach that skill to someone else, to inspire them to achieve perfection. I would venture to call such a person a “Master” at his craft. To me Darrell is a Master in the art of Boxing. Given a willing subject, he will make the transformation occur.

I would strongly recommend Darrell as a boxing trainer/choreographer to those interested in achieving the real thing. Darrell is extremely talented and an exceptional trainer in this field.


Muhammad Ali